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      As you can see from the old photos on the History page, trees in this area have gone up and down, with storms and diseases, plantings and fellings.  In spring 2013 Andrew Cossar of Pro Forest planted 300 native trees for us so now they are going up again - mostly along the western side which will give shelter to the horses and screening for the houses.  There are also lovely old flint walls on the west side which we hope to get funding to repair.


      Around the fields and hedgerows there are many wild flowers.  The fields and hedgerows also support many different kinds of insects, small mammals and birds.  The backdrop to our fields is the South Downs National Park, just across the A27, where the farms of the Sompting Estate are in the Higher Level Agri Environment Scheme and doing a lot to help wildlife thrive alongside productive farming.


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      29th Apr 2015
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